Elmhurst Animal Care Center: A Certified Cat Friendly Practice

The unique characteristics and personality traits common in cats typically mean higher stress levels in high-stimuli environments, like a veterinarian’s office. Bringing your cat into a loud waiting room filled with numerous animal species can leave both you and your pet on edge. Luckily, there are numerous clinics and pet care centers that are making the choice to become Certified Cat Friendly Practices. The professionals at such clinics undergo additional education and must fulfill numerous requirements that specifically cater to the comfort and happiness of cats. Elmhurst Animal Care Center is just one of these spectacular practices. Their veterinarians know that bringing your cat in for checkups and procedures can be difficult and stressful, and they look forward to helping minimize that anxiety as much as possible.

Elmhurst Animal Care Center

Cat Friendly Practices take numerous considerations in their feline care. Cats can have a particularly difficult time at the vet for a number of reasons. A great deal of the time, cats feel uncomfortable outside of their homes. In general, cats are highly stressed by noise and close proximity to dogs, and even other cats. New smells and sounds can be jarring and disruptive, creating higher levels of anxiety that make the examinations much more difficult. Cats have to be handled very gently and patiently. Rushing them will only cause more stress.

Certified Cat Friendly clinics typically have made physical changes to their location for added comfort, such as cat-only appointment days or times, a private feline waiting room, or an area that minimizes contact with overwhelming stimuli, including other types of animals. Certified Cat Friendly Practices are also dedicated to using specialized handling techniques to help your cat have a positive experience as well as responding appropriately when they see that your pet is feeling an undue amount of stress.

Establishments like the Elmhurst Animal Care Center know that your experience can be a pleasant one for both you and your pet. They are passionate about working with their clients to establish preventative care plans, routine check-ups, and more to ensure that your cat is as strong and healthy as possible. Their veterinarians seek to offer the highest level of customer satisfaction through state-of-the-art pet care. The center offers emergency hospital services, after-hours care, grooming, pet boarding, and preventative healthcare. They know that having affordable care is important for your pet, and they offer numerous coupons and discounted services for new customers.

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About Elmhurst Animal Care Center

Elmhurst Animal Care Center furnishes customers with customized immunization plans that both hold fast to state laws concerning creature inoculations, and fit inside of every customer's close to home calendar. Elmhurst Animal Care Center furnishes customers with customized inoculation plans that both hold fast to state laws concerning creature immunizations, and fit inside of every customer's close to home calendar. Elmhurst additionally tailors treatment arranges, dental administrations, boarding, and preparing administrations to every client's specific needs and timetables.
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