Elmhurst Animal Care Center: The Benefits Pet Ownership

Over time, numerous studies have concluded that having a pet provides a plethora of physical and emotional benefits for their owners. From relieving stress to helping children practice empathy, your pets can teach you and your family many lessons. Elmhurst Animal Care Center is passionate about keeping your pet healthy and happy, and they know that inviting pets into your home can provide the following advantages.

  1. Pets can help their owners stay active. If you are a dog owner, you know that your canine friend needs to get out and move around. By going on walks, hikes, or runs with your dog, you are building exercise into your life and increasing your daily activity level.
  2. If you have children, pets can help your kids learn about empathy and nurturing. Assigning daily tasks for your children to keep the pets fed and taken care of will help instill a sense of responsibility and critical thinking. It’s a valuable experience for children to know that their pets rely on them for safety and health. Many children consider pets to be an integral part of their family, helping kids develop ideas regarding the broad definition of what a family can be.
  3. Pets are incredibly comforting. Having a non-judgmental presence in your life can help relieve stress and encourage a calm, soothing environment in your home.
  4. As adults, it’s easy to forget to spend time playing and enjoying time a little more slowly. By playing with your animals, you are releasing endorphins, reducing stress, and building bonds with your pets.

Elmhurst Animal Care Center is thrilled to provide after-hours emergency care, pet boarding, preventative care, grooming services, and more.
For more information, visit: http://www.elmhurstanimalcarecenter.com/

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Elmhurst Animal Care Center: Deciding on the Right Pet

Have you decided that it’s time to bring a pet home, but you want to be certain that you’re making the perfect choice? There is a good fit for everyone who’d like a pet, whether it’s a hands-off fish or a high-energy puppy. Choosing the right animal for you is an important decision, ensuring the happiness of both you and the animal. Elmhurst Animal Care Center wants to help you make the right decision and encourages you to consider the following before bringing home a new family member.

  1. Decide on a time commitment that you know you can follow. If you only have half an hour each day for your pet, consider an animal that needs less attention, such as a fish or pocket pet. If you have more available time to clean up after your animal and a desire to keep your pet active, a dog or cat may be a better choice. Bringing home an animal that is not suited to your schedule will become stressful after a short period of time.
  2. Develop a monthly pet budget that will not be a stressor on your finances. Though you can find affordable services, your expenses will increase, especially as a result of illnesses, surgeries, and old age.
  3. Know the general personality characteristics of the animal you want to bring into your life. If you want an affectionate pet, consider a dog, guinea pig, or ferret, for example. If you are more interested in an independent pet, consider a cat or a bird. If you would prefer to have a pet that you can observe rather than constantly interact with, consider a fish, turtle, or snake.
  4. Take the time to shop around when deciding on a new pet. There is no rush, and making an impulsive decision may not end happily for you or the animal. Make sure that the choice you are making is sensible for you, your availability, your family, and whatever additional factors will weigh in on this important decision.
  5. Consider adopting a pet or looking at a rescue organization if you are able. There are millions of animals in the world who need loving homes, and you may find a wonderful fit if you take the time to look and interact with animals individually.

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    Elmhurst Animal Care Center has helped over 10,000 pets find loving homes, and they are dedicated to helping you find the perfect pet. The center is comprised off a full-service animal hospital, pet boarding, emergency services, and grooming. Please visit their website at http://www.elmhurstanimalcarecenter.com/ for more information.

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Elmhurst Animal Care Center: Preparing Yourself for a Rescue Dog

Making the choice to adopt a rescue dog is honorable, a decision that has the potential to deeply impact the happiness and quality of life for an animal who may have experienced trauma in the past. This trauma can manifest physically and behaviorally in a number of ways, and it’s important that you are equipped to help your newest member of the family adapt to his new life. Elmhurst Animal Care Center is dedicated to helping connect pets to their “forever homes” and has, to date, helped over 10,000 pets find loving families through their services. As their friendly staff knows, the following steps can do wonders for both you and your pet during this transition.

  1. Before adopting a rescue dog, take a foster dog into your home first. This will help you develop a more informed decision. Taking in a rescue dog is incredibly different than raising a puppy, and though the rewards are incredibly high, it can be challenging to develop a relationship with an animal who may be rebuilding its trust with humans. If you lead an incredibly busy life, consider the fact that you will need to put more time and effort into a relationship with your new pet to solidify that trust. You may need to go above and beyond two walks a day and making sure that the water dish is always full.
  2. Patience is an absolute must. It’s quite possible that you will find a dog that has baggage from a previous owner that manifests in aggressive or fearful behaviors. Animals that have been abused may recognize characteristics of their abusers in strangers passing by on an afternoon walk, responding aggressively by barking or chasing. Some dogs may also have problems with other canines if they weren’t socialized or trained properly by their previous owners.
  3. Be persistent with your dog to help shift behaviors. Though it may take a great deal more time, you simply must continue to encourage good behaviors with positive reinforcement and discourage bad behaviors kindly. It can take years for some dogs to fully acclimate, and even then, they still carry that trauma with them but learn how to manage their behaviors differently.

Elmhurst Animal Care Center provides numerous services designed to bring your dog the highest quality of comfort and care. All new clients receive a complimentary exam, and their knowledgeable staff encourage you to check out their website for deals and discounts on services such as microchipping and grooming.


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Elmhurst Animal Care Center: Three Home Grooming Tips for Your Cat

Developing a normal grooming routine with your cat will help her remain clean and healthy. Creating routines in a way that make the process pleasurable for both you and your cat is incredibly important. Elmhurst Animal Care Center, a Certified Cat Friendly Practice, knows that grooming practices can even help you deepen your relationship with your pet. Their veterinarians recommend implementing the following techniques for successful grooming sessions.

  1. Try to implement grooming practices when both you and your cat are relaxed and calm. If either of you are anxious or stressed, the session has the potential to end badly due to frustration.
  2. When you are brushing or bathing your cat, work very slowly and gently.
  3. While you are brushing your cat, untangle any knots you find, and be extra gently in sensitive parts of the body. Long-haired cats ought to be brushed every day.
  4. Before bathing, fill your tub a few inches with lukewarm water and use a spray hose to wet your cat. Use a gentle shampoo that is animal-approved.
  5. Press gently on your pet’s pads so that she extends her claws. During a nail-clipping session, only clip to the point where the nail begins to curl, avoiding the pink vein.

Elmhurst Animal Care Center is pleased to offer grooming and boarding discounts to new patients. They provide full animal hospital services, including after-hours emergency care at an affordable price. Their friendly veterinarians are excited to begin working with new clients to develop excellent care plans.

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Elmhurst Animal Care Center: Three Tips to Help a Stray Animal

Finding a stray animal can be a distressing experience. Helping that animal reach safety can challenging, and even dangerous if improperly executed. Elmhurst Animal Care Center shares that it’s absolutely necessary that anyone considering capturing a stray pet take the following steps to help everyone in the situation remain safe.

1. If you see a stray animal on the side of the road and attempt to engage with him, ensure that your car is safely parked with your hazard lights on. Call animal control as soon as possible. If you encounter a pet on foot, be certain that you are visible to drivers on the road. Use safety flares if possible, and replace dark clothing with brightly-colored garments if you have any.

2. Approach the animal slowly. Look for a collar or any indication that he has a home. In all cases, you have no idea how he might react, so it’s important that you keep your distance. If the animal is behaving erratically and makes you feel unsafe in any way, do not attempt to capture him yourself. In this case, wait at a safe distance for animal control to arrive.

3. If the animal seems receptive to your help, continue to move slowly and speak softly to him. If you have any food with you, try to lure him toward you, into your car if possible. If on foot, try to help him reach a safe place far away from traffic. Keep the animal with you in the car until animal control arrives, as driving may cause an undue amount of stress on him and create an unsafe driving situation.

Elmhurst Animal Care Center takes the health and safety of stray animals very seriously. For more information, visit http://www.elmhurstanimalcarecenter.com/

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Elmhurst Animal Care Center – Three Benefits of Pet Hotels

It can be difficult to consider leaving your pet for an extended period of time. However, it can also be an expensive hassle trying to travel long distances with your animals, a decision that can leave both you and your pet distressed. To ensure both your pet’s safety and well-being, consider accommodating him in a local pet hotel. Elmhurst Animal Care Center, based in Elmhurst, Illinois, recommends this wonderful service for the following reasons.

  1. By choosing to keep your pet at a nearby animal hotel, you are ensuring immediate access to a healthy and safe environment. If your pet has any dietary restrictions or medications, you can rest assured that their normal routine will be followed, just as if they were at home. This includes regular walks and playtime.

  2. Pet hotels will accept a long list of domestic animals, so if you are simultaneously looking for accommodation for numerous types of animals, many establishments will take your cat, dog, bird, and more! This flexibility means much less stress for you, and by default, your pet. This way, your pet receives the highest level of attention and care.

  3. Pet hotels are typically very happy to keep you updated in regard to your pet’s health and status. Some hotels even allow you to check up on your pets via internet.

 Elmhurst Animal Care Center

Elmhurst Animal Care Center provides animal hotel services at an excellent price to guarantee that your family pet receives the best care when you are away from home.

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Medications Benefit for Pets

Illinois-based Elmhurst Animal Care Center gives extensive administrations to pets in the neighborhood. Notwithstanding treating the full scope of creature wellbeing conditions, Elmhurst Animal Care Center veterinarian Staff has an on location drug store that offers business and aggravated pharmaceuticals. With an exacerbating methodology, a drug store proficient can alter solutions to tailorthem to a pet’s particular needs.

Elmhurst Animal Care Center

Intensifying assumes an essential part in pet medicinal services. Regularly, an exacerbated remedy includes an uncommon flavor to veil the essence of the medication and guarantee that the pet will to take it. What’s more, drug store experts can change the measurements of a standard solution to suit the extent of the creature tolerant. Specialists in veterinary aggravating can likewise change the type of a medicine, for example, changing over a pill or case to a fluid.

Whenever required, an intensifying drug specialist can set up a remedy for a medicine that is no more financially accessible, yet required by a little arrangement of creatures. By working with a veterinary practice that backings exacerbating, pet proprietors can guarantee that their four-legged relatives get the specific consideration they require.

Contact Elmhurst Animal Care Center    to book an appointment for your Pet.

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